MIDI Rocker LX - Play REAL drums in Rock Band
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MIDI Rocker LX - Intelligent MIDI Interface/Game Controller for Drums in Rock Band™ and Guitar Hero®.

  • The only solution which gives you FULL compatibility for both Rock Band™ AND Guitar Hero® games on the Playstation®.
  • Easily programmable to work with ANY MIDI note values so you can customize it for your kit or playing preferences.
  • Compact, easily mounts on your drum kit

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NEW FEATURE: The MIDI Rocker LX can also be used as a general-purpose MIDI-to-USB adapter for use with your PC or Mac and software such as Garage Band or LMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio).

If you have a Yamaha EZ MIDI guitar, you can even use the MIDI Rocker LX to play guitar in Rock Band (or Guitar Hero) on the PlayStation! See here for more information.

PlayStation | Wii | MIDI OUT Option | Specifications | Downloads | Support

  • Ready-to-use with most drum kits - comes pre-programmed with MIDI note mappings which work with most popular drum kits. (You can easily customize the note mappings if needed).
  • Integrated PlayStation® (2 or 3), or Wii® game controller with navigation "joystick", Start, Select, and Back buttons. Everything you need to control your PlayStation or Wii and navigate menus. Plugs into a USB port with the supplied cable.
  • Adjustable MIDI note velocity threshold so light taps or crosstalk can be ignored.
  • MIDI notes can be mapped to each note "channel" any way you wish. Several MIDI notes can be mapped to each game "channel" (or note color). For example, you can map both the rim and pad notes to same channel.
  • Two independent note maps are available. You can have different mappings for different songs, or one set of maps for Rock Band, another for Guitar Hero. You can quickly switch between maps, even "on the fly".
  • Includes Windows software to easily view and edit note maps, log and examine MIDI data, test your settings and diagnose problems. Save and recall settings. (Use of software is optional -- the MIDI Rocker LX can be completely programmed using the front panel controls).
  • MIDI OUT option for connecting to MIDI input on GHWT drum controller (for Wii or Xbox). Automatically converts MIDI data into values required to work with the GHWT controller and filters out data which causes "double-hit" issue on the Wii. No modifications are required to the GHWT controller.
  • Free firmware updates. Flash memory for firmware upgrades to add new features and compatibility with new games and devices. (A Windows PC is required to install firmware updates).
Game/Console Options:
  • MIDI Rocker LX connects directly to the USB port on the console.
  • Emulates both the Rock Band 2 controller and the Guitar Hero World Tour controller.
Playstation diagram

  • Plugs directly into the USB on the Wii to emulate the Rock Band drum controller.
  • MIDI Out option for connecting to a GHWT drum controller.
Wii diagram

MIDI Rocker LX Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 1.51" x 3.63" x 2.27"
  • Weight: Approx. 0.3 lb.
  • Connectors:
      USB 2.0, B-type connector.
      MIDI IN: 5 pin DIN.
      MIDI OUT Option: 5 pin DIN.
  • Processor: 48MHz, flash memory.
  • Cables: Includes 10' long USB 2.0 cable. MIDI cable available separately.

Windows Software for Setup and Diagnostics:
GUI Program drum test screen
Note Mapping Screen Drum Test Screen

Ordering Information

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  MIDI Rocker LX (MR-LX)
 · MIDI Rocker LX.
 · 10' USB cable.
 · Printed User's Guide.
 · Windows software (via download).
 · Free firmware updates.
 · 30 day no-risk return, 6 month warranty on parts and labor.

Pricing: (all prices in US dollars)
$94.00 + Shipping.
Shipping Charges (via USPS Priority Mail): US: $5.00, Canada: $14, International*: $27.00

: MIDI Cable, MIDI OUT Interface.

Shipping and Delivery Times:

Temporarily on Hold. We are transitioning this product to Open Source and will make hardware design and software/firmware sources available in the near future.. Contact for more info.

All shipments are sent via USPS Priority Mail (3-5 day delivery time inside the US, 10-14 days for international).
  *INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - Please include a phone number to help insure delivery. The customs office or post office will use this to contact you if there are any issues. Your phone number will not be used for any other purpose.  
  MIDI Cable    
  MIDI Cable
Optional MIDI Cable
You will need a MIDI cable to connect the your drums to the MIDI Rocker LX. Length is 3 feet (0.9m).
Price: $9.


  MIDI OUT Option  
  MIDI Rocker LX with MIDI Out Option
MIDI OUT Option installed in MIDI Rocker LX.
With the MIDI OUT option, you can connect the MIDI output of the MIDI Rocker LX to the MIDI input on a Guitar Hero World Tour (GHWT) drum controller and the MIDI Rocker LX will automatically convert the MIDI data received from your drum kit into the values required by the GHWT controller. You can take advantage of all the features of the MIDI Rocker LX like flexible note mapping, crosstalk rejection and multiple note maps.

The Guitar Hero World Tour (GHWT) drum controller has MIDI input which accepts MIDI data and works with some drum kits. Unfortunately it requires specific MIDI note numbers, and if your drum kit's brain doesn't allow you to assign specific note numbers to each trigger input, it may not work. Even if your drum brain has this capability, it can be difficult and time-consuming to set up the proper configuration.

There is also a known "double-hit" problem with using Roland drums with the GHWT controller on the Wii -- the MIDI OUT option has been specially designed to fix this problem.

Price: $15*

*Note: The MIDI OUT Option is valid only when ordered with a MIDI Rocker LX. If you already have a MIDI Rocker LX and are interested in adding the MIDI OUT Option, please contact me at for more information.

Have enough MIDI cables? To use the MIDI OUT option, you will need 2 MIDI cables -- one to connect your drums to the MIDI Rocker, another to connect the MIDI Rocker to the GHWT drum controller.

Need a GHWT drum controller? I recommend you check out the one's available at


Downloads for MIDI Rocker LX

   Install program Complete Software Package, V2013.3.20 [1.8MB] - Includes the LX User's Guide, LX/EZ Guitar User's Guide, MIDI Rocker software, all latest firmware releases, and firmware update software.
    Links to Documents (included in the main download above)
    HTML Text Release Notes - Information about latest changes, and version history.
    PDF File LX User's Guide [250KB] - instructions for using the MIDI Rocker LX.
    PDF File LX Quick Start Guide [74KB] - 1 page quick reference for MIDI Rocker LX.

PDF File MIDI OUT Option Supplement [223KB] - additional instructions for using the MIDI Rocker LX with the MIDI OUT option.
    PDF File LX/EZ Guitar User's Guide [120KB] - instructions for using the MIDI Rocker LX with the Yamaha EZ guitar.
Beta software and firmware - check here for the latest software and firmware updates.
   PDF File RB2 Mod Instructions [7.3MB] - instructions for modifying an Xbox Rock Band 2 controller for use with the MIDI Rocker LX and the Xbox Interface Option.
   PDF File RB1 Mod Instructions [352KB] - instructions for modifying an Xbox Rock Band 1 controller for use with the MIDI Rocker LX and the Xbox Interface Option.


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