Use MIDI Rocker LX with a Yamaha EZ MIDI Guitar

A special version of the firmware is available at no extra charge for the MIDI Rocker LX which allows you to plug in a Yamaha EZ MIDI guitar (like the EZ-EG or EZ-AG) and play Rock Band or Guitar Hero on the Playstation 2 or 3. The fret buttons on the EZ guitar operate just like the fret buttons on the Rock Band or Guitar Hero guitar, and you "play" notes in the game by strumming the strings as shown here:

EZ Guitar

The MIDI Rocker LX can be loaded with regular firmware at any time and used to play drums.

Ordering Infomation: The MIDI Rocker LX can be ordered from here. When you place the order, include a message with order and mention that you would like the EZ guitar firmware for the Playstation.