Rock Band™ Guitar Strum Fix
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NEW Strum Fix PLUS for Rock Band® Guitars

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Customer Reviews:
I could tell from the moment I saw the replacement strum kit that this was going to be an absolutely easy fix that would last a very long time. I have a great appreciation to the attention to detail that went into making this gracefully simple fix. From the board labeling to the solid block of milled plastic, it is easy to tell that a quality-minded focus went into this product. This strum bar allows me to finally *pluck* instead of *mashing* the bar like a button; with no fear of missed or doubled strums. Thank you! My Rock Band game is right back on top again!
- Jaremy (Rome, GA)

Strum Fix Review (video)

Rock Band Forum discusion of original Strum Fix.

Looking for the original Strum Fix? It is no longer available, but you can find the original installation instructions here.

Strum Fix Plus
Strum Fix Plus
  • Compatible with ALL GENERATION Rock Band®-branded guitars, including Beatles guitars, and Rock Band 1-3 "Stratocasters".
  • Based on the proven, original Strum Fix, which has been used to improve and repair thousands of guitars.
  • All-in-one assembly includes circuit board, switches, centering spring and strum bar, comes fully assembled and ready to install in guitar.
  • Replaces the existing mushy, unreliable strummer switches with long-lifetime, tactile-feedback switches.
  • Adds a soft, almost in-audible "click" when strummed (much quieter than the strummer on Guitar Hero® guitars).
  • Includes solid, unbreakable strum bar. Precision-machined from a block of high-strength plastic.
  • Heavy-duty centering spring gives a good, solid feel to the strummer and won't break or bend.
  • Easy-to-install, requires no soldering, prying, or bending.
  • Short-travel action for faster strumming, less fatigue.
  • 30-day return policy -- try it and return for a full refund if not satisfied.
  • 6 month warranty against defective parts/workmanship.

PRICE: $27.99. Includes FREE SHIPPING in U.S. Outside the U.S. a $4 shipping charge will be added during checkout. All orders are sent via First Class Mail.
Availability: IN STOCK.
Strum Fix PLUS Installation instructions - click to view/download the instructions (PDF format)
Strum Fix PLUS Installation Video - View a short video showing how to do the installation.

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More photos of the new Strum Fix PLUS:

strum bar Strum Bar being machined from solid block of high-strength plastic.
Strum Fix Plus Strum Fix Plus installed Photos of Strum Fix Plus installed in guitar.

Typical problems which are fixed with the Strum Fix:

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