Programmable I/O

The PortBrain is a USB adapter board for easily adding digital I/O and analog inputs to any project. It can also operate in stand-alone mode as a simple PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

Works with Mac, PC and Linux. Installs as a "virtual" serial port which works with most any programming language. Works with Raspberry Pi!

Hardware Features

  • 24 individually programmable digital inputs/outputs.
  • 5 analog inputs, including 1 built-in temperature sensor (thermistor). External sensors can be connected.
  • Relay adapter available for controlling motors, other devices (see below).
  • Connects via USB as a virtual COM port. Works with most any operating system (Windows, OSX, Linux).
  • Windows software for easy setup, monitoring and programming.
  • Field-upgradable firmware.


Windows Software

Using the provided software it is easy to configure the PortBrain and monitor the status of all the I/O pins. You can also edit and debug PLC programs.

Use With Your Own Software

You can easily integrate the PortBrain into your software -- you just need to send a few simple commands to the PortBrain as you would any other other serial device. A DLL (dynamic link library) is also available.

PLC Mode

In PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) mode, the PortBrain can be programmed to automatically turn outputs on/off depending a variety of conditions, including: temperature or almost any combination of input or other output states. Once programmed, the PortBrain can be disconnected from the PC and it will operate in "stand-alone" mode (power must still be provided of course!).


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