The Strum Fix Plus is a replacement strummer mechanism that works with most Rock Band guitars. With a short throw and positive but subtle 'click' when activated, you no longer have to 'mash' the strummer and can play faster and longer with less fatigue. With long-life, high-quality switches, and a strong, custom-made strum bar, the Strum Fix Plus will help you take your Rock Band guitar playing to the next level! Available since 2008, join the thousands of others who've added a 'plus' to their guitar!

NEW: Strum Fix Plus DUO now available!

With a dual/split strumbar on the Strum Fix Plus DUO, you can convert your guitar to have the same type of strummer as the original Rock Band Fender Precision Bass. This lets you play bass parts more realistically, and also lets you 'alt-strum' (alternating up and down strums) easily and quickly. Each strum bar has it's own set of switches and a centering spring, so they have the same feel as the original Strum Fix Plus.

Jumper settings on the Strum Fix Plus DUO let you select how the 2nd strum bar behaves — you can select ‘normal’ or ‘inverted’ strum action to emulate either the original or later versions of the Rock Band Fender Precision Bass guitar. Note: when connecting the wires to the DUO, please read this blog post.

The original Strum Fix Plus is still available at a new reduced price too!  We've made improvements to our manufacturing process and are passing the savings along to you.

Our Story...

I bought Rock Band for my PS3 when it first came out and loved it. It was the first game that our entire family could enjoy together, and we had a lot of late nights, playing 'just one more song'... After about 2 weeks, the strummer in my guitar broke, and being an electrical engineer I was determined to find out why and fix it. I discovered that the switches in the original guitar were poor quality and destined to fail, so I designed a replacement that used some high-quality switches that I knew from first-hand experience would last. After posting on the forums I got lots of people to help beta-test the new strummers, and we made lots of changes based on their feedback to get the best feeling strummer we could.

The Strum Fix Plus came along a little later when we realized that by incorporating the strum bar with the circuit board we could make a complete replacement that would be easier to install and have a strum bar that wouldn't break.

That was 10 years ago, and we still play Rock Band (Beatles is my favorite). I'll continue to make the Strum Fix Plus for the foreseeable future -- since new guitars are harder and harder to find, the Strum Fix Plus is more relevant than ever!

-Scott P (owner, ByteArts)




Price and Ordering

30-day, no questions asked full-refund return policy. 6 month warranty on parts and workmanship.
Please allow 1-2 days for your order to be shipped.
All payments are securely processed by PayPal and covered by their buyer protection plan - you can use your PayPal account or a credit card.
SHIPPING: Free shipping to U.S. via USPS, $8 outside the U.S. (order 3 or more and shipping is free to anywhere in the world).

STRUM FIX PLUS (original version with single strum bar): $25.99
Guitar Option

NOTE: Select the “Jaguar Guitar” option if you are going to install the Strum Fix in PDP Jaguar guitar. This option includes a special mounting bracket and additional wires for connecting the strummer. See HERE for details.

STRUM FIX PLUS DUO (with dual/split strum bars): $32.99
Guitar Option

Shipping costs:

US: Free shipping via USPS.
Outside the US: Shipping costs $8. Order 3 or more and shipping is free.


  • Pre-assembled, ready to install.

  • Long-life, high quality switches. The switches have barely audible "click" that lets you feel when the strummer is activated.

  • Durable, precision 3D-printed strum bar and hinges.

  • High-quality, dual-sided circuit board.

  • Built-in centering spring.

  • Easy to install, requires no soldering.*

* Installation does require opening up the guitar and removing the old strummer assembly.


"I could tell from the moment I saw the replacement strum kit that this was going to be an absolutely easy fix that would last a very long time. I have a great appreciation to the attention to detail that went into making this gracefully simple fix. From the board labeling to the solid block of milled plastic, it is easy to tell that a quality-minded focus went into this product. This strum bar allows me to finally *pluck* instead of *mashing* the bar like a button; with no fear of missed or doubled strums. Thank you! My Rock Band game is right back on top again!"

-- Jaremy (Rome, GA)


Compatible Guitars

The Strum Fix Plus is compatible with all Harmonix-branded Rock Band guitars, including:

  • Rock Band 1,2,3, and 4 "Fender Stratocaster".

  • Rock Band Beatles guitars (Hofner bass, Gretsch Duo Jet, and Rickenbacher.

The Strum Fix Plus can be installed in the Fender Jaguar guitar with some minor modifications - see here for details.

Contact if you have questions about compatibility.

Installation Instructions

Installing the Strum Fix Plus takes about 15 minutes and requires you to open up the guitar body by removing screws, removing the old strummer, and then installing the Strum Fix Plus and attaching some wires. Click on a link below for more details.

strum fix plus 2  - with dual strum bars, includes FULLY ASSEMBLED circuit board, centering springs, wire terminals, and strum bar assembly

strum fix plus 2 - with dual strum bars, includes FULLY ASSEMBLED circuit board, centering springs, wire terminals, and strum bar assembly

ORIGINAL strum fix plus  - includes FULLY ASSEMBLED circuit board, centering spring, wire terminals, and strum bar assembly

ORIGINAL strum fix plus - includes FULLY ASSEMBLED circuit board, centering spring, wire terminals, and strum bar assembly