Strum Fix overdrive!

For years I’ve struggled with activating “overdrive” on my guitars while playing Rock Band. The normal way to activate overdrive is to tilt the guitar neck, but often the tilt sensor doesn’t activate and you have to shake the guitar while tilting it to get it to trigger. Another way is by pressing the “Select” button on the guitar, but I can never find that button in time and usually end up pressing the wrong button.

Then, it came to me — why not build in overdrive activation into the Strum Fix Plus? By adding the ability to “slide” the strum bar and activate a switch, you can now trigger overdrive without having to take your fingers off the strum bar or even tilt the guitar!

We are currently beta testing the “Strum Fix Plus with Overdrive” and hope to have it available soon. Keep an eye out for it! As always, feel free to contact us at if you have any questions, comments or feedback.