Connecting wires on the Strum Fix DUO

Recently we discovered that there is an issue with the new Strum Fix DUO and some guitars that requires that the wires to the strummer be connected in a specific way or else the strummer won’t work right. This only affects the newer versions of the DUO — specifically the ones that have red jumper blocks on the circuit board for selecting the strum action of the 2nd strummer. We are working on a solution, but in the meantime, if you have a Strum Fix DUO that isn’t behaving properly, here’s a procedure to you can use to determine how to properly connect the wires and get the strummer to work right:

  1. Connect both sets of wires to the strum fix (two to the UP strum connection, two to the DOWN connection).

  2. Test the guitar -- if nothing at all happens when you strum up or down, then BOTH sets of wires need to be swapped (meaning you need to swap the wires around in the connector so that the wire that was on the left is now on the right and vise versa). After you swap around all the wires, the strummer should work.

  3. If in the previous step the strummer still doesn't work and appears to be stuck in the up or down strum position, then one set of wires need to be reversed, but it's impossible to know which set, so you just have to try it. Swap the wires in one of the connectors, then test again. If it works, then you got lucky and are done.

  4. If the strummer still doesn't work, then that means you swapped the wrong set of wires in step 3, so swap them back, and then swap the OTHER set of wires -- the strummer should now work.

NOTE: while you are testing the guitar, you can leave it open with the back off, but will need to connect the wires to the battery compartment while testing.

I’ll update this post as we learn more and try to add some pictures to help show the procedure. We are working on a solution so that this won’t be an issue in the future and will make this solution available to anyone that’s having the problem at little or no charge.

-Scott P (owner, Byte Arts)