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Strum Fix Plus

Here are some links to information about the Strum Fix Plus:

MIDI Rocker

While no longer sold, the MIDI Rocker is still being supported. Here are some files which may be useful if you have a MIDI Rocker or are interesting in making one or doing something similar.

Meade Telescope Software

As part of my astronomy hobby, I wrote software to control a Meade LX200 or ETX telescope with a Windows PC. This software is not being actively developed anymore (by me anyhow), but might be useful to anyone wanting to control their telescope. The software was written in Delphi and I’m happy to share the code with anyone, but it’s not open source because it relies on too many proprietary libraries. Someday I’ll re-write it and make it open source and cross-platform!

ScopeControl Program for Windows - compatible with Meade LX200 and ETX telescopes (many telescopes use this same protocol and so should be compatible). Download and run to install. Size: 1.4MB.